CSEPPKO (Budapest) – Inter Campus, together with the Love is the Answer association, organized the opening ceremony for the 2011 season of the Inter Campus Hungary at the Cseppko orphanage in the suburbs of Budapest. The ceremony began with a screening of the best moments from the 2010 season. It was a very emotional moment for everyone to see the pictures from the first training session. After that, the group ECDS Dance performed a show which was greeted by the roaring applause of the children. And the very same children all made their way onto the stage in their Nerazzurri jerseys to collect their gifts and bring the ceremony to a close. Inter would like to take a moment to once again thank the coordinator, Eugenio Bandoria, the association president, Andrea Bergner, the vice-president, Katai Ildiko, the operators, Jonathan and Tamas, and Petra Kovacs from the Hungarian Embassy in Italy.