Inter Campus and the UEFA Foundation for Children have always been collaborating around the world to defend and promote Children’s Rights. After the projects in Israel and Palestine (2016), in Venezuela (2018) and in Angola, Cameroon, Congo and Uganda (2019), once again the Nerazzurri-s project have been selected among the worthy institutions deserving support, this time in Colombia and Venezuela.

Sport as tool to prevent deviant behavior in high-risk communities: Colombia and Venezuela, facing crisis through football will consist of a two-years program in favor of the 530 children and families yet part of Inter Campus, living in the two South American countries. The major local vulnerabilities, identified through our direct experience, as well as through scientific researches and impact analysis, are related to nutritional issues and preventive actions with respect to violent behaviors, driven by the tough socio-economic context.

For 24 months, starting in January 2023, Inter Campus will benefit from a co-financing aimed at implementing new initiatives, improving the results on the territory and giving new impetus to the existing cooperation activities.

We are happy that UEFA has once again awarded Inter Campus, considered an effective multiplier of resources and a virtuous example in the field of sports for social development.