[Inter Campus Venezuela, a day at the beach thanks to UEFA]

LA GUAIRA – Caracas is only a few kilometres away from the coast, which is about 40 minutes down the hill to the white beaches of La Guaira. Nevertheless, for many children this is the first time they see the ocean. It is a very different place from the communities of Petare, where electricity cables tangled with light poles and brick houses are so close that they brush against each other.

A day of celebration, especially for the women’s team: months ago they were promised a special prize if they won the capital’s club championship. And needless to say, they did! 8-0 victory in the final, returning to the neighbourhood to the chorus “Vamos a la playa!”. The happiness of seeing the waves and taking off their shoes in the sand, going for a dip without being too familiar with swimming.

But first, it could not have been otherwise, an end-of-season training session in a spectacular setting. Barefoot drills, goal dives and headers. The Inter shirt over the swimming costume, to jump into the water between exercises. And then the picnic all together and the calm after lunch.
In the bus on the way back, exactly as on the outward journey, each bend is marked by a song: Venezuelan music alternates with the great Italian classics. A way of getting to know each other off the pitch and at the same time a unique experience in Nerazzurri colours.

The project is co-financed by the UEFA Foundation for Children.