“We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It sounds a bit odd to hear this song about snow, the cold and open fires out here in Uganda, surrounded by the bright green of the banana trees next a school playground in Nagallama, with the weather, although not as hot as normal due to the rainy season, still much warmer than it is in Italy.

The children are singing while wearing the Santa hats that we gave them for Christmas, their new prized possessions. Even this bizarre spectacle, one that seems almost paradoxical to our Italian eyes with the warmth and red and white hats, serves to remind us of how widespread we are throughout the world, and how great a family of almost ten thousand children this project has created, spanning thirty countries in every continent in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Here in Nagallama 304 boys and girls regularly take place in the training held by our teachers and coaches at the local primary school of St. Joseph’s, coordinated by the tireless principal Josephine and the ever-reliable technical representative Michael. During this time of festivities they also organise events and tournaments with other schools in the area to keep the entertainment alive and maintain the children’s interests, who all have the same attitude: “Training is great, but when we play against kids from another school? This time we’ll win three-nil!” After the theory training course run by Alberto and Lorenzo, all of the local coaches head out onto the pitch to continue with practical training, and for those of us who have been coming here for years, it’s always a wonder to see the school fields filled with Nerazzurri stripes and children playing on every inch of the field. They don’t even bat an eyelid at the pouring rain: they just keep on playing and laughing, even in the mud. This is the magic of Inter Campus, and we’re happy to keep it going every year. Merry Christmas Inter Campus!