New York –Founded in January 2020, Inter Campus USA was forced to cease all activities in February due to the pandemic. It’s been a difficult year for everybody, which has given the organisers and chance to invest resources into alternative proposals, not just in distance learning but also in games, such as quizzes on football, sport and Inter Campus. Thanks to the work done by Physical Education teachers Jamye and Brian, who, alongside their educational role, also serve as coach at Inter Campus.

Support for the entire project is also of Puerto Rican origin. Ivan Rodriguez, who has championed the Inter Campus cause on US soil, helps children that live in the neighbourhood – virtually all of them second generation immigrants, who speak Spanish and find themselves victims of grave financial problems in their families. Families are often large or they share small living spaces.

Inter Campus is increasingly aware and alert to research and the measurement of the impact of their own project and, for the occasion of the US chapter’s founding, statred collecting data, part of a small research project on resilience (Pearson): a questionnaire submitted to the children with 60 questions, which will be followed by an analysis of the data, in order to have more feedback on the personalities and the resilience level of the children involved in the project.