[Inter Campus Tunisia visits Hergla]

HERGLA – “It’s so hot that you can only train early in the morning or after sunset,” says our man on the ground Chicco Uncini as he greets us in Hergla, a coastal town in the Sousse region of Tunisia.

He’s not wrong. In fact, we soon discover that multiple bottles of water and regular hydration breaks are a necessity during our week visiting the Inter Campus Tunisia site.

Coaches Alberto and Lorenzo organise two sessions a day for the 120 kids as well as a theory-based lecture for the 12 instructors, all of whom are ready and willing to get involved. Among the adults are four women, Wydad, Sahar, Afef and Maarami.

This is an area overlooked by tourists, but sadly not by the extremists, who struck a nearby beach just last year. Yet our activities here are helping partner organisation the Tanit Association to get the local citizens to actively come together to ensure nothing of the sort happens again.

Our visit ends with a match featuring all of the coaches – Italian and Tunisian – as well as some of the older Inter Campus kids, who call themselves Inter Campus+. Seeing them so willing to continue participating in the project even after they’ve grown up is a great sign for us, something we hope to witness again on our next visit.



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