[Inter Campus, Suazo and many children against racism]


Ex-Inter man takes part in final event at San Siro as part of #TweetOffRacism on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

MILAN – Nearly 300 boys and girls from local primary and middle schools visited San Siro earlier, on the final day of the #TweetOffRacism campaign run by @tifopositivo on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Former Inter man David Suazo attended the session to educate the youngsters on the importance of the issue: “Schemes like these are very important. Children are spontaneous, when they hear something they repeat it, so you have to be careful and clearly explain how disgraceful racism is. They are the future, those who will attend football matches – and more – and it’s very important they grasp the fact that there should be no differences.”

Suazo met the students inside the hallowed Nerazzurri dressing room, where he answered a host of questions from the youngsters: “It was an amazing experience to play for Inter. When you join a club like this, you think, ‘Wow, I must be good then!’ It’s a bit like you guys getting into university. In order to become a footballer, a doctor or whatever you want to be when you grow up, it’s important to chase your dreams.”

What was it like for a young guy, barely 20 years old, to move from Honduras to Italy and settle in a completely different culture? “I wanted to go home after a week, I wasn’t familiar with pizza or pasta. Initially it was a bit tough but then my friends helped and I still live in Italy 16 years later. That shows deep down that I liked it here.”

After a process that began in schools and continued at San Siro, the youngsters looked at racism, not only in football but in daily life: “Unfortunately I have been judged for the colour of my skin and I couldn’t understand why. It’s horrible and it’s only natural it hurts when it happens to you. It was important for me to have my team-mates around me and, at times like that, you have to hang onto the good times in football. Crowd support should give your team the edge, you mustn’t use it to insult your opponents. This mindset has to change and you kids, who represent the future, are the ones that need to do it.”

Inter Campus took part in today’s event celebrating the fourth edition of #TweetOffRacism, which saw the children visit the museum and an area in the stands where they helped out with the preparation of some stadium choreography on the theme. Inter Campus gave a presentation on their activities in the Skybox of the Family Stand, with a video to stimulate debate among the youngsters on ways of combating racism, such as using team games, sport and football in particular as tools to promote inclusion and dialogue.