Despite the adventurous means of getting there, it is always a pleasure to return to Voronezh. Taking a flight to Moscow and then a trans Siberian style overnight train, we then met up with the kids and coach Aleksei, with whom we were excited to start a new training session and enjoy some fresh experiences. However, this was also a chance to learn something new from each other. A great example of this was the innovative insect game proposed by the local coach, which encouraged the children to immerse themselves in the world of bugs.

As usual we also attended a school in Bobrov, which is a city located around 100km from Voronezh. Here we took part in a session out in the open together with coach Vadim, working with two small teams of different ages and making the most of the weather before the winter soon sets in.

Our main aim still remains the same. To give children the chance to grow individually and also in a group. This explains that why during our visit, we organise a tournament that includes the two schools from Bobrov and Voronezh. Obviously it is a friendly tournament, considering that also here, as in other areas across the globe, we still act as ‘Brothers of the World’.

Following a small refreshment break at the end, we attempted to learn some (complicated) Russian words for third time, while also exchanging the language of smiles.

Our next objective for this project is concerning the opening of Inter Campus Voronezh in collaboration with Pirelli Russia, as we seek to work with many more children and find new ways of being more effective and efficient.