KRAKOW – Inter Campus has been working in children’s homes in Krakow for years now and has left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of the young residents.

Here’s a personal account of Lorenzo Forneris’ impressions of the orphanages Kazimierz, Pawlikowitze and Sieboworitze in Poland’s second city.

“Every time I visit one of these orphanages, I ask myself how it is possible that a ball rolling on some grass or cement (they aren’t always lucky enough to play on pitches or artificial surfaces) manages to delight children who have suffered severe emotional trauma.

“And every time I try to find a response, the answer comes from watching our children and seeing how playing football can elicit feelings of happiness, joy and sometimes anger. Our coaches Kasia, Rafal and Arthur – coordinated by the extraordinarily generous Olek – work off this principle and organise fun training sessions that try to allow the kids’ emotive side to flourish in a positive way.

“This is the technical objective that we’ve built up over the years gone by: trying to make training sessions as fun as possible with exercises that are more recreational than analytical. This ensures that during their weekly hour of training, our kids enjoy themselves and are happy to be part of a group and the Inter Campus family.”