MANAGUA – Last week saw the official launch of this year’s Inter Campus Nicaragua initiatives, coinciding with schools going back in the Central American country.

Held at the Nicaraguan Institute of Sport, the long-time venue of Inter Campus’ activities in Managua, the opening ceremony was attended by the participating youngsters, parents, friends, local partners and members of the wider community.

As is traditional, Inter jerseys were presented to the children at the end of the ceremony, with local press watching on.

The central theme of the project in Nicaragua is its ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, from local institutions – who have always readily provided their support – to parents, who take an active role in activity planning through a well-established committee.

This year, the ceremony was attended by representatives of some of the schools attended by the children, as part of this year’s aim of getting local schools more and more involved in the project, to make it as far-reaching and effective as possible.