MILAN – Following a successful first five years, MP Filtri has extended its role as Proud Partner of Inter Campus Uganda for another five-year period.

MP Filtri provides essential support to the project, with the announcement of the extension to the partnership sure to deliver an extra boost as activities resume following the pandemic.

Inter Campus and MP Filtri share a passion for helping the most vulnerable groups in our societies, both in Italy and around the world. At Nagallama primary school in Uganda, the young boys and girls who have benefitted from the project are living proof of the tangible social benefits offered by the initiative – not to mention the inclusive power of sport.

“When you share the same values and ideals, the simplest and most important thing is to walk side by side – and that’s exactly what we have with Giovanni Pasotto, the president of MP Filtri,” said Inter Campus President Carlotta Moratti.

“I’m hugely proud to be working with Inter Campus for the next five years,” said Pasotto. “Not just because I share the ideals and values of the project, as Carlotta Moratti so rightly points out, but because it’s essential that we keep doing what we’re doing in order to ensure continuity and maintain the trust of the children and young people that have been involved with Inter Campus so far. This will be another optimistic sign for them after the challenges of the last two years.”