Life in Sidi Moumen, a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Casablanca, is far from easy. Inter Campus is doing its best to help children here, living in shantytowns, where the school dropout rate is high and the risk of social deviance looms large. Here we will talk about Inter Campus Morocco’s local coaches and in particular Said, the technical supervisor and contact for Al Massir, a local partner of Inter Campus.

The close-knit group trains, educates and offers guidance to 205 young boys and girls. They bring a great deal of energy and passion to their work, putting the Inter Campus method into practice to help develop these young people in four key areas. Firstly, the children are able to develop their movement, by controlling and doing exercises with the ball. Then there is the cognitive aspect, whereby the youngsters react to sensory stimuli provided by the coaches and teachers. Thirdly, children’s social capabilities are enhanced through their interaction and each individual’s involvement in the wider group. Finally, we have the emotional aspect, which is heavily conditioned by the bond of trust created between the child and the teaching/coaching staff.

The group of coaches at Inter Campus Morocco, who all themselves come from the area, are committed to offering these youngsters a safe place in which to grow, while having the chance to play and build up self-confidence. A trip back to Sidi Moumen allows us to see the great work Inter Campus is doing and the levels of generosity and passion that the Nerazzurri colours help spread across the world, as we uphold the right to play.