APPIANO GENTILE – F.C. Internazionale, Suning Sports and Centro Sportivo Italiano held a joint press conference today to introduce the project entitled “Un Gol per Ripartire”. The three organisations will work to support the areas of central Italy affected by recent earthquakes.

The aim of the campaign is to contribute to the social and sporting relief effort in the area affected, specifically in the town of Tolentino in the Marche region, by creating a new facility which can play host to competitive and recreational sport.

To further support the scheme which is aimed at children, the initiative will also feature a touring van, dubbed the “Fun Bus”, which will organise entertainment in areas which cannot currently accommodate regular sport. F.C. Internazionale Global Main Sponsor Pirelli and Infiniti Milano Center of Gruppo Fassina have also committed their support to this particular scheme.

Tolentino is home to more than 20,000 inhabitants, 5,000 of whom were left without a roof over their head following the earthquake. They will be able to benefit from the multipurpose facility and the various affiliated schemes. A quarter of the town’s population are aged 14 and under. The Fun Bus, meanwhile, will cover around 30,000km on its route through the areas affected by the natural disaster.

F.C. Internazionale have always backed social work and have been restoring the right to play for boys and girls in 29 countries across the world via Inter Campus since 1997. Indeed, Inter Campus and the Inter youth team coaches will contribute significantly to “Un Gol per Ripartire”, by running a programme to train coaches who can develop youngsters using a methodology based on football and education. A host of other initiatives will bolster those already listed and a number of departments, such as the Inter Club Coordination Centre, are working on contributing to the project in their own way.

This has all been made possible by the importance F.C. Internazionale, Suning Sports and CSI place on social work. Suning Sports’ contribution has been crucial, with a donation of €200,000 which will go towards completing the work detailed above. This was unveiled in a press conference by F.C. Internazionale’s vice president Javier Zanetti and chief communications officer Robert Faulkner, CSI national chairman Vittorio Bosio and their director of communications Stefano Gobbi.

“As a Club Inter has its roots firmly set in Italy and Suning is now working together with the Club to build its future, in this country and abroad. It is therefore normal that our heart and soul are strongly connected with the people here” said Steven Zhang on behalf of F.C. Internazionale and Suning Sports. “That is why F.C. Internazionale, Suning Sports and CSI have decided to make an active contribution to allow lots of people to reap the benefits of regular exercise through recreational and competitive sport. Being ‘brothers of the world’ is a value that guides us and we are sure that this project can contribute to the relief effort that the local community has already started with courage and determination.”

Here is what Vittorio Bosio had to say about the project: “Sport is often the beating heart of the community, especially in communities afflicted by social or financial problems. I’d like to thank F.C. Internazionale and Suning Sports for investing in CSI and this project where sport will be used as a tool to rebuild the many communities affected by the earthquake. I’d like to thank also the City of Tolentino, who will contribute to the realization of the facility.”