CASABLANCA – Sidi Moumen on the outskirts of Casablanca was the location. The educator-coaches received a warm welcome at the El Massir training ground despite the cold wind that whipped up the clay off the pitch and the dust from the neighbouring building sites. Our coaches Lorenzo Forneris and Fabio Perfetti were joined by Chicco Uncini, our partner in Tunisia, to seal a twin project between Morocco and Tunisia which will tackle certain organisational and social matters, particularly female integration, issues in both Maghreb countries.

The walls surrounding the football pitch feature a number of messages which praise the virtues of sport and discourage crime, a reminder of the illegality which is rife in Sidi Moumen. A few yards away stands the shanty town which houses the majority of boys and girls involved in the Inter Campus project. The kids feel protected on the pitches of El Massir and enjoy learning the rules and technique of football. Local organiser Wafa Latif and the coaches proudly showed the improvements made to the pitch and the facilities which have been painted with the Nerazzurri colours and the Inter Campus logo. The seven coaches (five men, two women) and 120 children involved enjoyed Lorenzo and Fabio’s training.

Despite driving rain, the second day in Sidi Moumen was equally successful and some of the parents watching the training sessions confirmed the importance of the scheme from an educational perspective. The following days saw training and fun short games, with everyone displaying commitment and passion.

Once again our coaches came together over a bowl of cous cous as Inter Campus strengthened ties with Morocco and Tunisia. Ila lika Sidi Moumen, see you soon!




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