BEIRUT – Inter Campus officials have returned from their 2009 visit to Lebanon, where a humanitarian programme was started in 2007 in favour of the Hezbollah children affected by the terrible clashes that shook the entire country.

After the joy of the Inter Campus World Cup last September, the collaboration continued with a fresh visit to the country of cedars. The Inter Campus mission started with a meeting with Lebanon’s Minister for Sport and Youth Ali Abdallah – on the first day of his mandate.

The press conference, which took place on a sunny Sunday after days of pouring rain, was presided over by Inter Campus Lebanon Committee President Sharif Whabbe, Inter Campus President Carlotta Moratti, Minister for Sport and Youth and Lebanon FA President Ali Abdallah, and Inter Campus officials Nicoletta Flutti and Aldo Montinaro.

After the press conference, a new Inter Campus centre in the Christan area of Jounieh was officially opened. The new centre will see the participation of 100 new children, who will join the 150 who already participate in the programme, which has as its aim the integration and equilibrium between religions and ethnicities.

The Lebanon visit continued with a series of training sessions held by Inter Campus coaches Raffaele Quaranta and Iuri Monzani, who worked with children and local coaches in Tiro and Jounieh.