MILAN – At nine o’clock sharp on Saturday morning, the children from Monza Hospital arrived at the Suning Development Centre, ready for training.

Spending time at the training ground of Inter’s youth academy is exciting for most, but actually using the Primavera’s changing rooms and playing on their pitches made it more special.

The joy was even greater for these children who are gradually returning to sport after a long period of treatment. The kids started cautiously, some were nervous and got tired quickly, but thanks to the care and patience of our coaches, everyone got involved and played. After a few minutes, everyone was just thinking about running around and having fun.

The parents who always populate the sidelines in great numbers are beginning to learn our methods as well. Mainly, they’re keen to see their young ones back playing football and were the first to encourage them, aware how useful physical exercise can be for their health.

Before the end of the day, there was one final surprise in store: the Primavera stars stopped for photos and autographs before their match against Bologna.

The next date for the diary is 20 May, another day of sport together.