Inter Campus operates in Puerto Iguazu, a city in the north of the country, in collaboration with the London Supply Foundation. Here, work is done in a primary school built on what was once a landfill site. Puerto Iguazu, which is famous throughout the world for its waterfalls, is located near the tri-border area along the junction of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Despite being hugely popular with tourists from all over the globe, it’s a city where a high number of people live in poverty. Through its work on the pitch and training local educators, Inter Campus aims to stop youngsters going down the wrong path given that many of the 132 children involved in the project live in difficult conditions and are exposed to drug trafficking and small-scale organised crime.

In Buenos Aires, meanwhile, our project in collaboration with Fundacion Pupi has expanded. The doors have been opened to children in Villa Jardin, a neighbourhood where drug trafficking and crime dominate unopposed. Here, violence and criminal activities are a daily occurrence, with the children often being exposed to or involved in such incidents. For this reason, the constant presence of Fundacion Pupi in Villa Jardin through a psychologist and social worker is very important: they welcome the children on the football pitch and are continually at their disposal. Inter Campus has immersed itself in this situation by bringing 60 children on board so that they have the opportunity to enjoy themselves, build positive relationships and lay the foundations for a stable and peaceful future through football.