In Pititinga, an Inter shirt didn’t just signify sport and training when it first arrived back in 2010. Back then, off the BR101 highway, coming from Natal, was a dirt track that, after 2km, ended by the sea. There were a few houses down the road and little more.

Throughout the years, thanks to the work done by the Fundação Vida in Pititinga, various facilities arose, including the Giacinto Facchetti sports centre, a nursery and a computer centre. The local council paved the road and installed street lights because you couldn’t see anything. On the base of previous experiences, the project grew to include the nearby villages of Maracajau – on the coast – and Vila Punau – inland. In those cases too, the playing surfaces weren’t great and the streets were often just dirt tracks.

Our hope – thanks to the local Foundation, schools and the community – is to create the conditions for further positive variants of the project. It started in Pititinga, let’s say, but moved to Maracajau, where the pitch was recently relayed. This is happening with the delivery of basic food baskets for the benefit of Inter Campus children and their families during these difficult months.

This goes beyond football and often beyond what Inter Campus itself promotes, but in which we like to think we have a role. Because when the spotlight is turned on football, there is a world that pushes hard of the pitch, in which no one wants to disfigure themselves. In front of the Nerazzurri jersey, everyone feels called upon and wants to give the best of themselves.