ISRAEL/PALESTINE – Inter Campus has been involved in many initiatives with a number of crucial partners in trying to encourage peace and child integration in this troubled area of the Middle East.

Inter Campus recently started a partnership programme with NGO Ghetton in four different centres, involving different groups of children: refugees from Sudan who live in the less developed outskirts of Tel Aviv, kids from kibbutzs, Arab-Israeli centres and Palestinian children from villages on the other side of the wall.

Breaking down barriers as ever, Inter Campus has been able to involve a number of kids from different ethnicities in Israel and Palestine with great enthusiasm. They have the same desire to play and learn, and from now on will take part in a continuous activity run by local educator-coaches chosen by Ghetton and trained by the Inter Campus staff.

The recent visit saw passionate games and training sessions in all of the centres involved. The aim is to now lay the foundations for a continuous project in the region. The effectiveness of the project was confirmed by Jasmine Seror, at the heart of the initiative, who described how the kids are training regularly and how pulling on the Nerazzurri shirt is a dream come true, as well as a priceless opportunity for fun in such a troubled region.