EMILIA ROMAGNA – This week Inter Campus began activities for the children of
the earthquake-hit areas of Emilia Romagna. In close collaboration with
Sassuolo Calcio and in coordination with World Child, UISP, CSI, FIGC, the
provincial scholastic office of Physical Education and the Province of Modena,
the Inter Campus staff will visit 20 comuni (municipalities) beginning with Bomporto and
Camposanto, Massa Finalese and San Felice sul Panaro.

In the first two days of activities, our own Lorenzo Gironi, Paola Balconi and
Lorenzo Forneris, coordinated by the head of coaching Aldo Montinaro and
Christian Papalato of Sassuolo Calcio, visited 230 children, all enrolled in
summer camps organised in areas adjacent to the tent communities which have
been organised by the authorities to house them.

Despite the stifling heat, the children’s joy was overwhelming as they freely
played with our instructors after having received the gift of an Inter shirt.

The next meeting is scheduled for 17 July in Novi di Carpi and Finale Emilia,
but the presence of Inter Campus will continue until mid-August.