CAMEROON – Inter Campus recently made their second trip of the year to Cameroon. Thirty children from the country’s interior travelled to Limbe, on the coast, to take part in training activities together with another 30 local kids. A few days’ respite in the short wet season allowed our coaches Giacomini and Guareschi, assisted by local coach Rotunno, to carry out two training courses for the 30 English- and French-speaking local instructors who arrived from all over the country.

The training programme paid particular attention to specific pedagological aspects of sports education for children aged 6 to 8 years old. The children – many of whom had the chance to see the sea for the first time – were involved in other educational activities too: games and entertainment, as well as trips to the beach and a banana plantation.

The next scheduled event in Cameroon is the Kinder Joy Cup, which will take place in collaboration with IMSOFAR in Baham in August. Then, in January 2013, another training course will be held in Nguanderé on the Adamawa Plateau, a 16-hour train ride from the capital. Our plan is to work our way round each of the Inter Campus centres spread throughout the country in order to offer training courses to all the local instructors and meet all the children.