MILAN – After several months of limited international level, the first Inter Campus mission since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has kicked off today. The first country to welcome the Nerazzurri delegation will be in Lebanon, where boys and girls from the Shatila refugee camp will be waiting for us, alongside coaches and families. The schedule includes the handing-out of materials, training, matches and the football Olympics to finish off the week on Saturday.

During this period, in keeping with local regulations, activities on the pitch for communities and remote contact with Italian staff have continued. As with many of the countries that we will visit again, difficult situations await us, many of which have worsened during the pandemic. Lebanon, in particular, is going through a period of social and economic instability which makes Inter Campus’s visit even more important, not just in terms of a physical presence, but also as a sign of a restart, which is aimed at all projects the world over.

In accordance with guidance issued by the World Health Organisation many other countries have been added to the calendar, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. These are communities where Inter Campus has never stopped operating, having adapted to social distancing requirements and often becoming a digital game, but they are now able to embrace us again in person, in the way that we like the most.