LUANDA – With the start of the new year Inter Campus hit the road once again for another mission. This time our destination was Africa and Luanda, the capital of Angola – a city in constant change which looks different every time we come back. From there our delegation moved on towards Palanca, Dondo and Benguela to watch children and trainers going about their daily activities in their local contexts, with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of their specific needs and how we can help them.

We spent seven days travelling around Angola, chauffeured by Father Stefano along the country’s narrow, bumpy and extremely busy roads, the priest’s hair-raising driving holding us in a state of constant fear. Yet at every location we found ourselves recharged by the incredible energy amd enthusiasm we found on the pitches. Seven days of training sessions and meetings with our trainers.

Seven days of music – our faithful travel companion – and enriching discoveries that will help us improve our future activities, besides helping us and our local assistants to grow. One such example is Emilio, an Inter Campus coach from Viana. We’d met him on one of our previous training courses in Mota, smart and capable yet somewhat shy and perhaps a bit too serious. This time around we saw him surrounded by his team on the pitch where he runs his sessions: just as capable and effective, but also bold, funny, extroverted and in perfect sync with the kids!