Havana – You can find the Plaza centre project just a few hundred metres from the Plaza de la Revoluciòn, one of the most important locations in Cuban history. The project has been active for four years, run by Joel, the coach, with 20 children aged between 10 and 11 all taking part. Four of these kids have been there right from the start, an important sign of the continuity that Inter Campus has achieved in the capital of the Caribbean island. Favio, Jackson, Dario, Heibert, Josué are just a few names of the children whom we are seeing grow up, and who with each visit arrive full of enthusiasm and excitement for what lies ahead. It doesn’t take long on or off the pitch to make yourself understood here, such is the great experience of those core members of the project, with the continuity of this project of social responsibility so important in defining a long-term path of growth for the children.

Havana’s second Inter Campus project can be found just 15 kilometres down the road from the Plaza de la Revoluciòn, in the Jaimianitas neighbourhood in the north-west of the capital, not far from the artist Fuster’s wall paintings and decorations. Nerazzurri shirts are handed out with the help of the nuns of the “Hijas de la Misericordia” order, and with the sound of the ocean in the background, training begins. With their parents all watching while holding welcome signs, the 40 children are split into two groups and they then begin their exciting adventure with Inter Campus which will take them who knows where. In a district where social issues such as alcoholism, youth pregnancy and family conflicts are rife, Inter Campus aims to help these children in their development by immediately involving them in the community in an active form.