Tuning in from Bolivia and Mexico to visit – virtually – one of the most fascinating places in the world: the UN’s headquarters in New York. A unique opportunity, experienced by 100 girls and boys wearing Inter jerseys, organised thanks to the collaboration between Inter Campus and the United Nations Department of Global Communication.

“If there was world peace, would the UN be relevant?” And “What happens to a country that isn’t recognised by the United Nations?”. There were so many interesting questions, all put to the very patient group of representatives at the Visitor Center, who helped young and old alike to discover a previously unknown world. From official statistics to anecdotes, it was also the opportune moment to talk to the children about the Sustainable Development Goals that have been set, a central theme of the 2030 Agenda and an integral part of Inter Campus’ activities.

They also spoke about sustainability and environmental concerns, mentioning the various plastic recycling initiatives for the production of extra hard bricks in the construction industry. In the engrossing talk, there was only one interruption. This came from Santiago, who asked: “But wouldn’t it be faster to produce them normally?” We couldn’t help but smile, we admit it. And yet we had the feeling that we might be able to find solutions to many of the problems faced by adults in the spontaneity of children.