During the first seasonal visit on Bulgarian soil, the Inter Campus delegation took part in all their usual activities. This included handing out new shirts to all children taking part, theoretical lessons in the classroom and also plenty of practical demonstrations out on the training pitch, all conducted by our coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Roberto Redatelli. This was a long and educational process aimed at increasing the knowledge of the five local coaches, while also developing their teaching skills in regard to using sport as an effective instrument of integration, social inclusion and psychological and physical well-being.

Stefan and Ventsislav both work at an orphanage in Dupnitsa which has followed the Inter Campus project for the past year. They work with children who do not have parental care and also others who attend an adjacent school. Midko and Vladimir have been in Troyan for years, a picturesque place that is located between the Balkan mountains. They train around fifty Romani and Bulgarian children. Lastly, Doncho is a coach in the small village of Banja. He is extremely professional in his role as coach, working together with around two groups of around 30 Romani children who began their adventure with Inter Campus as seven year-olds back in 2000. At that point in time, a large part of their lives were without ruled, instead following the ‘Romani laws’ while out on the pitch, as explained by Jardel who is a child involved in the project. He is just 13-years-old and we now know him well. His attitude has changed significantly in comparison to now and then.

Education is key in spreading the positive values of sport among vulnerable youngsters, especially with those who are at risk of social alienation. This has been our mission since 1997 alongside the Foundation’s partner Stefan Noykov in Sofia. Every training session becomes an opportunity to increase one’s self confidence, while also working on technical activities during games. The coach is crucial point of reference for all involved.