“Just think about it, twenty-three years of walking together on this journey.” With these words Yordanka Yaneva’s Instagram interview began, the organisational manager of Inter Campus Bulgaria. The Bulgarian project has been active since 1997 and today sees two centres involved in our educational and sporting activities.

Ethnic integration and social inclusion are the main aims of the project. “To achieve these objectives,” Yordanka continued, pleasantly excited to talk about her homeland and the Nerazzurri project, “orphanages and dormitories have been involved over time, places where most of the children are Romani. Thanks to Inter Campus, the children’s’ development is well rounded and touches on the cognitive, social and motor aspects, which form the child’s personality. Integration is a very difficult task, because most Bulgarians have the idea that the Romani community doesn’t want to integrate. What’s more, they often live in isolation, in ghettos outside the urban centres, which makes our work even more tricky. We try to overcome these stereotypes, prejudices and difficulties.”

The enforced break due to COVID-19 won’t prevent “looking for other groups that may need our intervention and help” in the future. The passion with which Yordanka says these words makes us understand why Inter Campus Bulgaria has had such a brilliant 23-year-long journey.