Dialogue and discussion are often at the core of development projects, and they play a key role in planning for the future growth of Inter Campus. In the past 18 months we’ve learned to adapt to digital communication, but nothing can replace face-to-face encounters or meeting friends and socialising on the football pitch – especially for children.

The support of the Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education over the next two years will help further increase contact between local staff and the children involved in the Tunisia project. This new partnership will also allow children from the project’s five different centres, some located far apart from each other, to meet each other virtually. Without the barrier of travel, they will be able to meet up more frequently for regular interaction — something so important in a child’s formative years.

Like at Inter Campus Israel Palestine, which is also benefitting from the support of the Catalyst Foundation, research will take place to monitor the impact of the project on the 100 children involved.

The partnership with WeWorld, an Italian NGO specialising in protecting the rights of children and women, aims to encourage social integration on the outskirts of Tunis at five Maison des Jeunes, traditional Tunisian youth centres that are often the only alternative to school and family life for younger kids.