More than ten years of serious, efficient and quiet work dedicated to almost ten thousand children that each year wear the Nerazzurri shirt in the world.

A working group, along with a staff of coaches, that coordinates and updates with passion the teaching of football, but also educational and recreational projects through the efforts of two hundred selected local operators, and as many volunteers, in seventeen nations including officially in the circuit of Inter Campus, and many others that have been and are involved in work experience, design, interventions to resolve situations of great distress.

The world of Inter Campus is this, an experience full of life stories, gained through years of work carried out at times in conditions almost prohibitive, with a lot of determination and courage, giving back the right to play to children of different situations as in Brazil, China, Cameroon, acting where war has brought destruction, but there is still a future, and the future is a child.

Gabriele Salvatores offers his point of view, in a documentary made with Guido Lazzarini and Fabio Scamoni and the support of Red House Productions, recording in the Inter Campus world sensations and feelings, stories of everyday recovery. Hence the title: Petites Historias Das Crianças – Journey into the world of Inter Campus.

The opportunity to present it is the Inter Centenario, who wants to celebrate the reality of Inter Campus as an aim achieved and a priority of the club. The presentation in Locarno, Sunday, August 10, in the vibrant setting of the International Film Festival, now in its 61st edition and increasingly attentive to the voices of the time and the world.