Africa Nerazzurra: this is the name of the project that Inter Campus, working alongside the UEFA Foundation for Children, has been developing for several months now. The objective is to create a new teaching methodology that, through sport, will promote resilience and benefit African children.

Those working on the project were asked to bring their specific experiences in the communities in which they operate to the table.

In Angola, the Salesian fathers and the Polidesportivo Don Bosco have been grappling with many social problems for years, including gender inequality and poor health, with many young people suffering from this. These issues can be found in the neighbourhoods of Luanda, as well as in the small communities of Dondo and Calulo, all places where Inter Campus operates.

Gouveia, Songue and Paito, the local coaches that represent Angola in our international team, will therefore dedicate themselves to using football as a medium to promote equality between young boys and girls and transforming sport into an instrument of well-being, not only physically but mentally and socially too.

In the next few weeks, we’ll discover the issues that our partners in our other countries will focus on, including the Alba Onlus in Congo, the St. Joseph’s Primary School in Uganda and the CSC in Cameroon. In the meantime, virtual meetings in three languages and across a number of different time zones will continue from Milan.