[#FootballForTheGoals: the UN recognises the social role of foobtall]

It was announced by Amina Mohamed, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and a friend of Inter Campus, during an official video conference. She was joined by Aleksander Čeferin, President of UEFA, which is joining the initiative as an inaugural member. Football will officially be among the useful tools through which the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda can be achieved.

While sport has always played an important role as an instrument for social redemption, education and equality, the United Nations is, through this initiative, acting proactively and entrusting added responsibility to the sector.

Gender equality, reducing inequalities, fostering a culture of peace to safeguard communities, education for future generations – these are just some of the goals to be achieved through football in the next eight years.

Inter Campus, through the Nerazurri colours, is part of the Global Compact and has always been an advocate for the SDGs, which it promotes every day throughout the world together with sports enthusiasts.