MANAGUA – Following a trip covering the whole of Central America, Giuditta Gallo, our point of contact for Inter Campus Nicaragua, decides to stop in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, on the basis of its history, various sites and, above all, extraordinarily welcoming people. Giuditta has always reached out to those most in need, and it was in this city where she managed to find her true calling as she started working for the Centro Audicion e Integracion Escolar “Escuchando el Futuro” (C.A.I.E.), a medical centre established to help children with hearing problems and promote their integration into society.

In 2014, the C.A.I.E met with Inter Campus, and for Giuditta this meeting represented “the joy of playing freely and cheerfully without needing to win or compete, fulfilling the most important right that exists for children in doing so: the right to play.”

Today, the initiative helps around 100 children from some of the city’s poorer neighbourhoods and is well-rooted in the area, as shown by the fact that it receives vital support from Nicaraguan institutions and the Nicaraguan Consulate in Milan in the form of Lorenzo Alderisio, who has always taken a keen interest in the Nerazzurri’s social project. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for the Minister for Sport and the Minister for Tourism to show up while the children are training at the Centro Deporte, which the local institutions kindly make available. And that’s not all. The children’s parents now have an important voice: last year, they established the Parent Committee for Inter Campus children, a body that gathers proposals and advice so that the activities on offer can be improved.

During the children’s training sessions, all these people meet, talk, encourage the youngsters and discuss matters. And Giuditta, who is highly passionate and a good listener, fulfils the role of the spokesperson of “a community which is growing and which can only make us hope for the best for this wonderful country.”