Buenos Aires – “I’ve always engaged in social work and, even if my studies had nothing to do with that field, social responsibility has always played a role in my life. This passion was strengthened lately when my daughter Paula, together with my son-in-law Javier Zanetti, decided to open up a space dedicated to creating charity programmes, which improve the lives of vulnerable children in Argentina where essential services are where often expensive and poverty, violence and drug abuse are among the most prevalent problems.

It was back in 2001 when Paula and Javier asked me and my wife, with whom I have always shared a passion for the following, to take part in the creation of what we called Fundación PUPI (Por Un Piberío Integrado – For Integrated Children), taking inspiration from the nickname “Pupi”, by which Javier has always been known, both in Argentina and in Italy.

I fondly remember when, in 2003, we inaugurated the Fondazione PUPI in Italy. The event was held in Milan and the Inter owners, players and Javier were all there, as well as the staff from Inter Campus, including Nicoletta Flutti, who, when she heard that among the projects we were implementing in Argentina there was one dedicated to sport as an educational tool and social mobility, approached me and asked me to organize a meeting immediately because the two projects shared the same mission. What Nicoletta didn’t know was that Inter Campus was a source of inspiration for our project. So much so that the logical and natural thing to do was to create a link, which, since then, has united Inter Campus and Fundación PUPI, who work together in the neighbourhood of Remedios de Escalada on the outskirts of the capital of Argentina.”