LUANDA (ANGOLA) – Inter Campus Angola threw a party at the Don Bosco sports centre in Luanda on Saturday 24 October to thank Brazilian construction company Oderbrecht for donating sports equipment to the local community in Trilho (a shanty town in the Lixiera area). The party was also an occasion to share the experiences of those who took part in the recent Inter Campus World Cup in Tuscany.

“Everything was done in our typical cheerful style, with singing, dancing and sport, without forgetting the game Quem Sabe Sabe, during which the children have to reply correctly to cultural questions to win a prize,” said Father Stefano, coordinator of Inter Campus Angola. “There were many of us and there were also friends of the many companies that help us, the representatives of the Italian and Brazilian embassies and various associations, as well as Carlos Almeida, captain of the Angolan national basketball team.

“We had kept aside some of the prizes received in Italy during the World Cup to give to friends and educators/instructors who deserve them. We always believe in sharing, so if I receive two prizes, why shouldn’t I share the second with the friend who doesn’t have one?

“The party in Luanda was a great success. The various activities we prepared included a photographic exhibition of the days spent together in Tuscany, which was greatly appreciated by everyone. Then there was the Inter anthem… Me, a Milanista, singing the anthem and, worse still, teaching it! But what could I do? The Moratti family and Inter have been fantastic, and I willingly make the sacrifice, apart from when it’s the derby…

“We also organised a match using the rules learned in Coverciano and at the end the delegation talked about their experiences in Italy. Enio was wonderful because he got emotional and started crying. There was also room for the parents. A representative related their experiences and heartedly thanked Inter for this present.”