COCHABAMBA – Inter Campus has returned to Bolivia and Cochabamba to meet the boys and girls from the disadvantaged area of Ticti Norte and the children of prisoners in the San Sebastián prison.

Whenever we go back to Bolivia, we enjoy seeing how the programme that’s managed together with Massimo and Veronica from the Fundación Casari is evolving in different ways. The technical and educational capabilities of the local coaches are increasing course by course. Inter Campus’ links to the local community in  Cochabamba are developing with the establishment of a committee made up of local parents who are very active and always in attendance at the pitch.

On one hand, the constant efforts of Inter Campus and local partners have allowed the children to train in an organised and high quality manner, while the parents have been responsible for small but significant contributions such as their work at the side of the pitch where the grass has been cut and benches installed to watch training from. They’ve also organised events where the children can meet up.

The week when the Inter Campus delegation pays a visit is always a special one , it’s a cause for celebration for all and it came to a close with a morning of fun at the Fundación Casari’s base at the Recreational Education Centre as happens every Saturday together with the children of prisoners at San Sebastián. Many of these children are forced to live with their incarcerated parents but thanks to this project, which also features the pastoral care unit for prisons as a partner, these kids are able to enjoy moments of calm and be carefree playing football and enjoying time in the open. When goodbyes were being said, young Veronica said “Thanks for taking us out of hell.” Her words were truly moving for her and us all.