CALI – He grew up in a small house perched on a hill, not too far from the building and gym where Inter Campus operate. Hostin invites us in for breakfast. He wants to show us the view from his room, one that he shares with with mother, grandmother and brother. Despite the proximity, the pitch seems tiny from above. The neighbourhood of Yumbo rises high, made up of sheet metal roofs, narrow streets and endless stairways full of colour. Below is the Valle del Cauca, filled with industry and traffic. Every morning, lessons and training sessions begin a bit early, with the local children knocking on each others’ doors and heading down together.

They run to school already with their shirts on, appearing at every door. There is a desire to play in their eyes, sharing moments in class together and out on the pitch, which are equally as important. Hostin, for example, takes care of Mariana, his friend who he heads to school with whilst we’re there. They have different hairstyles but both have braids, doing their homework together and playing in the same team. The older children follow the path of the younger children, the more experienced helping out the new arrivals. After finishing their studies, they then head out onto the synthetic pitch next to the classrooms or either to the gym, dependant on age. This is where training begins! Running and scoring goals, enjoying themselves together before returning home.

After a long day, the kids then head back up the hill slowly. Yet, no hill is too high when in good company.