BEIT CHAMA – On our recent visit to the El Mansouri school, we were greeted with the customary joy and excitement from the 55 children at Inter Campus Lebanon there.

As usual, we were hosted by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, specifically the NATO-mandated Civil-Military Co-operation unit under Italian rule that aims to, among other things, rebuild areas devastated by conflict.

In Lebanon, which has recently appointed a new Minister of Education, many public schools are in the process of computerising systems and creating data bases, but there have also been a series of strikes from teaching staff that has affected the children’s education.

Nevertheless, still determined to consolidate and develop our project, we met with some representatives from local institutions, the major and the school board from al-Qulaila, a village situation close to El Mansouri. The school in this part of the country openly welcomes Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children without discrimination, but more importantly offers them an opportunity to play sport.

The next stop on our visit to Lebanon was to Beirut, where we got in touch with many local entities that use sport and particularly football as a tool of social integration.

In a country still marred by internecine conflicts and recently overwhelmed by the flood of migrants feeling Syria, the priority is undoubtedly promoting values like acceptance, living together, friendship and loyalty. Football can be a wonderful agent for this, and this is why Inter Campus will always be there, ready to help.



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