[Unique and special, best wishes to all the Inter Campus mums out there!]

MILAN – There are values that need to be transmitted and taught. Ever since 1997, Inter Campus has been promoting integrity, brotherhood and fair play, disseminating these values in favor of the children across the world. Together with us, our local partners, the communities and the families.

The game of football is becoming just as important as education when it comes to life and sport. On Mother’s Day, the concept of education and family is reflected in the spirit of Inter and also in our fans, who have always been Brothers of the World and Brothers Universally United – that is against every form of racism and discrimination.

Several cultures and far away countries, brought together by the looks of those who love us unconditionally. Different styles at the same time unique, and the people we’re celebrating today are both different and unique.

After all, who helped you to put on your Inter shirt the first time you wore it? Thank you, mum!