Monday was the final day of the African Black and Blue course supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children in Yaounde, Cameroon. Delegations of Inter Campus educators from Angola, Congo and Uganda joined 25 Cameroonian coaches to take part in a theoretical and practical training course on learning about resilience through football in a bid to support children and teenagers who live in vulnerable conditions.

The event brings two years of theoretical and practical activities in each country to an end, in which all 2,000 children have been indirectly involved in the sub-Saharan African projects. A small tournament was held on Sunday involving youngsters from the local area in which Carine Nkoue, a project specialist at the UEFA Foundation, and Dr Filippo Scammacca, the ambassador for Italy in Cameroon, stressed the importance of this event which ties in with Inter Campus’s 20-year presence in the African country, making it a pillar underpinning the friendly relations between Italy and Cameroon.

On Monday, there was a final theoretical lesson to set out the results achieved together and to establish further future development goals before participation certificates were handed out. The participants proudly took these back home, while knowing that the most precious thing to take away with them is certainly the training over the last few days, which will help local coaches support children’s development paths, improving their quality of life, particularly during a global pandemic.