During our visit to Mexico, we stopped in Silao in the state of Guanajuato where the second National Women’s Tournament for the Inter Campus Pirelli was held. In the spirit of football, participation and celebration, the CEO of Pirelli Servicios S.A Mr. Tom Gravalos presented awards to the children who took part and he handed certificates to the older participants. Pirelli has supprted the Inter Campus project since 2012 which cooperates with the local Peter Pan charity to benefit the local community with 150 boys and girls involved.

Every group trains twice a week and on Saturday they all turn up at the pitch for friendly matches. From six-year-olds up to 14, the participants follow a development programme for their phyiscal developement and it becomes a school for the values of life. Our visit to this tournament came to a close with the end of the sporting season as 24 of these youngsters left the project after five years being celebrated by the other children and the parents in attendance.