A delegation from Inter Campus has spent four days in Sapareva Banya where the local children were joined by kids from the Troyan and Banya Centres, accompanied by their ever faithful coaches: Donchu, Mitko and Vladi.

There was a party atmosphere engulfing the days packed with training sessions and tournaments, yet the feeling of togetherness wasn’t just limited to the pitch; the kids from Troyan and Banya were also staying in the same accommodation as the Inter Campus coaches.

The visit of the Nerazzurri delegation represents the only opportunity for many of these children to leave their towns and spend the night away from home. This turns the trip into a real-life adventure!

A lot of positive work was put in on the pitch as well; the boys and girls have improved and are taking a lot more on board from their coaches. Yet even before they become good footballers, it gives us pleasure to be able to say they are also growing up to be great kids.

A special mention must go to the Sapareva Banya Centre, which over the last 17 years – with the help of football and the work Inter Campus does off the pitch – has tackled many of the social problems that continue to afflict the area. Nowadays, however, conditions have significantly improved to the extent that the programme has received the support of the local council and has become a genuine point of reference for the entire region!




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