The second part of our mission took place in Queretaro, a well-developed colonial city with a certain degree of prosperity.

It is here where Inter Campus and their local partner, the Marcelline of Elisabetta Redaelli IAP, have worked together since 2003 to help 60 children living in the suburbs of Bolanos and Unidad Nacional.

In addition to managing two projects, these tireless nuns also make themselves available once a year to help with the seven-a-side ‘Torneo de la amistad’ out on the synthetic pitch.

It was a special occasion for the 100 kids brought together from centres across the country, as they enjoyed a day of sport under the winter sun. Values were integral to the activities, as demonstrated by the teams taking part: Peace, Tolerance, Faith, Respect, Courage and Loyalty. Peace triumphed.

Our visit then continued to Silao. Upon our arrival in the state of Guanajuato, the local news broadcast reminded us that there had been 17 homicides in 10 hours. Unfortunately, the country remains embroiled in violent incidents of criminality fuelled by drug-trafficking.

A number of Pirelli directors were present, including industrial Director Gonzalo J. Rodriguez, to hand our shirts to the 130 kids taking part. Meanwhile, training was held by our coaches Juri Monzani and Silvio Guareschi.

Our best wishes also go to CEO of Pirelli Mexico Tom Gravalos who’s retiring. We thank him for his support for our project and for his commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We also wish their new director general Dr. Paolo Benea all the very best, who we thank for the warm welcome received by the Inter Campus delegation during our visit to the city of Silao in Guanajuato.