SILAO – A day in celebration of happiness and sport, but also of renewed commitment and responsibility. In the shadow of the local Pirelli factory, 120 children from the Inter Campus Mexico project received the new Nerazzurri jersey and took part in a final mini tournament under the watchful eye of Pirelli industrial director Fernando Madeiro. Organised to mark the renewal of the partnership agreement between Pirelli Servicios SA and Inter Campus, the occasion was the perfect celebration of the two parties’ continued desire to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Silao’s Casa Hogar Peter Pan.

The day was the fitting climax to an intense week, characterised by a sense of community and sharing that not even our battle-hardened instructors could quite get used to. Juri Monzani, who travelled with trainer Roberto Picardi and organisational director Christian Valerio to Mexico, looked back on an emotional week: “It’s a strange feeling, but one that I’ve been lucky enough to share with many other coaches and friends. The passion we feel unites us, inspires us, helps us to grow. The objectives that motivate us to travel the world are the same ones that inspire the instructors of Silao, Mexico City and Queretaro to be there for these children on a daily basis. This is a journey we started years ago and, slowly but surely, we’re getting there,” explained Juri.

There was a wonderful atmosphere at the Silao coaching sessions, where the children were more willing than ever to listen to our advice and hungrily put it into practice on the field of play. And even when things didn’t go perfectly, wide smiles and enthusiasm abounded. The boys and girls never tired of asking what time it was back in Italy, of trying out a few words in Italian and of asking for a photo with us coaches. We even received a few notes – perfectly translated into Italian – apologising for not being able to make the final tournament at Pirelli. As we said our goodbyes after the tournament – the many different faces etched with the same happy expression, the same joy at having played football and received the Nerazzurri jersey – we felt that unique sense of belonging once again.

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