MILAN – The interview with Lele Adani went smoothly, and perhaps this was down to his ability to deal with difficult issues in a calm and uncomplicated manner.

We couldn’t have had a better Inter Campus Instagram guest. Daniele tackles numerous topics with great analytical precision and an infectious enthusiasm.

“Football is a sport which brings people together, it’s inclusion in its purest form. The true purpose of football is to unite and not to divide. The path which Inter Campus takes every day, with the children and their families around the whole world, is an added value to the project. This everyday life takes part in the children’s childhood and growth.” And again, referring to the delicate subject of sport and disability, he continues: “the strength of football is precisely that of giving those the chance who have difficulties with it, without having to think about the technicalities.”

His ethos of football is perfectly in line with that of Inter Campus: “It’s all about being together, not just about organising a game or training. Football is a social sport, and the coach’s role goes with this, they are an instructor who must also and above all be capable of passing on healthy and positive values.”

In these situations, there is never enough spare time and the closure can only be dedicated to Inter fans who are: “able to see with the heart and not only with the eyes.” Perhaps this is precisely why Inter Campus is exclusively a Nerazzurri project.

Tonight at 19:00 CET, will be the second round of Inter Campus’ Instagram interviews. We will be with another extraordinary champion in Nerazzurri history, Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, with whom we will discuss sport, development and children’s rights.