In the minutes while he waited for help trapped in the wreckage of his car, Julio thought of his loved ones in Paraguay, wondering if he would ever see them again. Today, he is here with us, alive, as it says in the title of his autobiography. This is the first reason for his gratitude.

He is a positive person and smiles as he talks about himself. From the young professional footballer who arrived in Italy to play for Vicenza, to the rehabilitation to be able to play again after the accident. After many months, it was like a second debut, proof of how tenacity and determination can overcome physical problems.

This story is well-known to Inter Campus and is an example and inspiration for thousands of young people. Julio has been working with us for more than 10 years and we got together at Inter HQ to meet him. From the children of the rubbish dumps in Cateura to the United Nations, whoever listens to his words is fascinated. We saw this with the Under 17 team  he met online a few months ago, and the Inter youth players who listened to his life story at Suning Youth Development Centre. Everyone was taken in by his charisma.

The autobiography adds a further important page to the Educational project, with the first signed copy finding a place on the shelves of the recently opened bookshop. We are delighted that it is a story of sport and passion, of the life of a man who never gives up.