BUCHAREST – The Inter Campus team are back in Bucharest alongside their tireless partner, the Parada Foundation, to check the progress of the most recent project set up in Romania.

Four days’ hard work on the pitch has given us – aside from great joy – the chance to meet the children again (who are sadly left to live in difficult conditions and are exposed to crime and drug use), to confirm the excellent work of the local educators, and to witness the progress made, especially in the young children who have thrown themselves into this project since June. What might at first seem very little is actually very significant: respecting the rules, keeping an orderly queue and listening to instructions (which at one stage seemed almost unattainable) shows how much the coaches and youngsters have developed the project, progressing with every training session.

On the last day a small tournament was organised which involved not only the kids from Inter Campus, but also staff from the Hilton Hotel and their children. An afternoon of lessons on football and solidarity, but also a great chance for people from different worlds to meet, mix and have fun. It all proves the magic of football which has no language, colour or borders.