CARACAS – San Isidro and Los Erasos are two districts in Caracas where Inter Campus work with the help of our partner institutions, the Magallanes and Amigos de San Bernardino Foundations, to provide an educational and family environment for children to grow up in.

A surprise awaited us when we arrived for our latest visit: a medical/sports history had been prepared for each of the children (now over 200). Not only does this enable our partners to act on the pathologies identified (congenital disorders or illnesses caused largely by malnutrition and living in unhealthy conditions), it also helps us to adapt the intensity of our sports activities according to the children’s actual abilities and needs.

The playing areas are what we can make of the space available to us, but the Salesians of Don Bosco make our job easier by allowing us to use their facilities.

Inter Campus coaches Juri Monzani and Roberto Picardi, accompanied by technical director Aldo Montinaro, were able to meet all the youngsters and instructors on this visit. Together they played and shared ideas and information on how to develop the project further.

Inter Campus has attracted interest from both public and private institutions since it began operating in Venezuela. The aim is to promote integration and bring together people from very diverse realities. For example, a number of private schools – normally open only to a privileged few – have started to involve Inter Campus kids and now regularly invite them to use their facilities, organising get-togethers where they offer the children gifts and sports equipment.