NAGALAMA – The Inter Campus centre in Nagalama, Uganda is one of those we are fondest of because there are few other places where our work is quite so crucial for the training of local coaches.

The lack of support from the FA on a national level and the lack of youth academies in the various clubs playing in the professional league means the onus is on Inter Campus to introduce youngsters to the game.

Indeed, Joseph Primary School is one of the few football camps in the entire country where children aged 6-13 can train, play and develop their skills with the help of coach-educators, who are becoming increasingly proficient both from a technical and an educational point of view.

This is why we are trying to expand our project and open our training courses up to other coaches and young adults who want to aid children’s development through football. The more coaches we can involve, the more kids we’ll be able to help by indirectly teaching them our values and methods, using the game of football as Inter Campus does all over the world to positively influence their developing personality.

This all takes place without any form of selection and without giving any special attention to the more talented players. The emphasis is simply on helping anyone who wants to learn and improve. Anyone who wants to grow up playing football.