NAGALAMA – Inter Campus’ work in Uganda is making positive strides forward and the team’s last visit consolidated the work being done there. The series of educational meetings at St. Joseph School in Nagalama took place in the presence of coaches Alberto Giacomini and Juri Monzani in three theoretical and three practical sessions with the coaches and children.

The team looked had a more in-depth look at subjects already touched upon in the classroom in previous years, as well as engaging in productive dialogue with all the coaches in order to improve the training sessions they run throughout the year. This will contribute to the healthy and positive upbringing of children who now number 600.

On the field it was the local coaches who ran the practical sessions with our support as assistants.

We realised that now’s the right time to give greater structure to training, planning a week’s programme on the pitches and assigning a specific group of players to each coach for a whole season. Previously the coaches took it in turns to oversee a certain group, based on their availability.

As ever the Inter Campus team was greeted with great enthusiasm by the kids, headmistress Miss Josephine and all the coaches (as well as teachers) at the school, who presented us with a wooden plaque bearing the symbols of Inter Campus and St. Joseph School, to mark our relationship which began in 2008.

Thank you Uganda, or as the locals say: “UEBALE’ UGANDA!”