MANAGUA – Inter Campus has been working with the Nicaragua Joven Association and the national police force for around a year. The partners are working to encourage school attendance and improve the lives of children. The project uses football to prevent social exclusion and the youngsters from becoming marginalised or drawn into the world of crime.

During the first refresher course of the new season, coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Silvio Guerreschi ran training sessions on the pitch supplied by the Nicaragua Ministry of Sport. It’s here that every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, the local coaches work hard as part of the Inter Campus project.

The project helps 120 boys and girls from the neighbourhoods surrounding its base at the National Institute of Sport (IND). Many families live in this area – which includes neighbourhoods Jorge Dimitrov, Rene Cisnero, Altagracia, 360, Recreo and Jonathan Gonzalez – and survive thanks to the local market.



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